me with mural

Inspired by myths and meaningful stories, I create narrative art that takes the viewer on a journey. I investigate how the adventures that are depicted, the challenges presented and the little things that are explored speak to every human’s innate desire to live life as the main character on a quest full of treasured experiences. Even the sometimes seemingly mundane routine of our day-to-day activities is anything but mundane if we seek meaning and bring a sense of adventure to everything we do.

This requires a quality of playfulness! Often we get wrapped up, stressed out and buried by burdens.  We need to remember that calling our minds, hearts and bodies out to play leads to new ideas, fresh perspectives and a refreshed spirit. It is only natural, then, that I approach my art-making in an experimental manner.  I play with a variety of materials, endlessly curious about how to blend them together and use them to achieve desired results. I have a passion for creating vivid colors that jump off the page – that radiate and move. I want my colors to emulate the magic in the stories of the world and within each of us.

Looking through the lens of Jungian psychology, the characters in my illustrations can reflect our inner archetypes. How each person interprets the symbols can hold powerful teachings needed in each present moment. It lives, breaths and illuminates, depicting why the ancient practice of storytelling through art has been the fabric of so many cultures. I seek to continue that rich tradition as I use art to develop my own practice of storytelling.


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