“When I say be creative, I don’t mean that you should all go out and become great painters and great poets.  I simply mean let your life be a painting, let your life be a poem.” -Osho

You are the artist of your life. You have the ability to paint it, sculpt it, write it, act it, play it, and sing it according to what you want. Your imagination is the limit, and imagination is limitless. So…yep, you guessed it…YOU are limitless!

However, it doesn’t always feel that way. You may have a dream for your life that seems impossible or you may not even know what you are passionate about. Without a higher vision of your life as a guide, you may feel stagnant, uninspired, frustrated and generally unfulfilled.

As a Creativity Coach, I will help you see yourself and the world differently. We will work together to identify and remove any perceived limitations – limitations that sometimes keep you from even imagining the life of your dreams. We will create pathways to empowerment that allow you to align with a higher vision and bring your life more meaning and joy!

In in my position as Master Teacher, I have been trained as a coach in order to develop a passionate, vision-driven, happy team of teachers that, in turn, help young people live fulfilling lives. As a professional illustrator, I am constantly reflecting on how my creative process can make my life more dimensional. I received a BFA from Xavier University and a MA from City University London where I studied how art can change the world, and have been teaching in various non-traditional ways since 1999.

Art-making requires a mindset and practices that enable artists to manifest what was once only imagined, but this mindset and these practices are not for “artists” alone. With my education, experience and enthusiasm, I can assist you in applying this ideology to any part of your life.

I inspire, educate and support people on their creative journeys through coaching sessions, private lessons, group coaching, classes and workshops. Contact me now for a free exploratory session.

Let’s get to work on the masterpiece of your life together!

“Karen Light is as imaginative as she is practical in her guidance. In more than a decade of teaching, Karen is the gentle force who has most inspired and encouraged me to truly meet students where they are, which has resulted in richer connection and meaning in my classroom. She has a singular ability to observe and synthesize others’ skill-sets, needs, and aspirations—and she does it efficiently!—ultimately leading them to a place of empowerment. “ –Sara W., Writer and Teacher

“Karen! You’re a natural coach and guiding spirit.  It’s not just that Karen helped me in innumerable ways, but she’s coached in such a meaningful and significant way. Thank you, Karen, for your guidance, patience, positivity, and extremely hard work you do, so much of which is understated and behind the scenes. You are seriously appreciated and you are an excellent human being.”  – Russell J., Poet and Teacher