“When I say be creative, I don’t mean that you should all go out and become great painters and great poets.  I simply mean let your life be a painting, let your life be a poem.” -Osho

You are the artist of your life.  You have the ability to paint it, sculpt it, write it, act it, play it, and sing it according to what you want.  Your imagination is the limit.  And your imagination is limitless.  So, you are limitless!

But most of the time it doesn’t feel that way, does it?  You may have a dream for your life that seems impossible or you may not even know what you are passionate about.

As a Creativity Coach, I help you see yourself and the world differently. I work with you to remove the perceived limits you put on yourself – the limits that sometimes keep you from even imagining the life of your dreams – and empower you to create a more meaningful, fulfilling and joyful life no matter where you are at right now.  If you have a creative project, I help you move that forward and get results.

Art-making requires a mindset and practices that inspire creative thinking in order to stimulate the imagination and manifest what was once only an imagined.  But this mindset and these practices are not for “artists” alone and not just for art-making.  They can be applied to any part of anyone’s life to bring about deeper satisfaction in careers, relationships and spiritual life.  Creativity is a part of being human and necessary for each and every one of us to live fully awake in our lives.

I inspire, educate and support people on their creative journeys through coaching sessions, private lessons, classes and workshops. Contact me now for a free exploratory session.