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You were created.  You are a creator.  Whether you know it or not, you are, right now, creating your life.  It’s time to do it with purpose.

Do you see something in your life that does not align with your deepest desires?

Have you “done everything right” but still feel like something is missing?

Do you feel lost wondering what your reason for being is?

The bad news is you created those unsatisfying experiences.  The good news is that you created those unsatisfying experiences!  Because this means you can create fulfilling ones through the awareness, inspiration and vision that comes from a habit of creating with focused intention.

Developing and deepening your own unique creativity is a powerful and empowering practice that leads to:

  • Discovery of purpose
  • Courage to align with purpose
  • Connection to inner wisdom
  • Awareness of roadblocks
  • New pathways
  • Thriving relationships
  • Financial well-being
  • Living with more joy and less stress

Begin creating the meaningful, juicy, passionate life you *know in your heart* you are meant to live by scheduling a free 30-minute exploratory session now.

Monday Minute

$25/session or $80/month (Up to $45 savings!)

Achieve your goals with a 15 minute coaching session every Monday morning to start every week in a healthy, productive, CREATIVE mindset! Sessions are scheduled between 7:00-10:30 am on Mondays and are done via phone or Zoom within your morning routine.

One and Done

$150 for 90 minute session

Have a very specific challenge you want to overcome? Take 90 minutes to dive deep and create an action plan. In-person or Zoom sessions include clearly identifying the challenge, creative activities to uncover limiting beliefs that keep you stuck and inspired action for continued inner and outer work.

Deep Dive

$10 Sessions for $900 ($300 savings!)

It’s all connected! The Deep Dive includes 10 Sessions completed within 3 months to make significant shifts in multiple areas of your life.  During these in-person or Zoom sessions, you will cultivate a practice of creating with purpose so that you can create the life you deeply desire and deserve.

Who Is Karen?

I bring 20 years of being a Professional Artist and 19 years of being an Art Teacher to my Creative Life Coaching. I have discovered that the more true I am to my creativity and its expression, the more I am led by my passions and the more I attract things into my life that feed my spirit, mind and bank account. My juicy life includes getting paid to draw and color, witnessing the amazing transformation of those I coach and teach, dancing as often as possible, practicing authentic spirituality, cultivating ever-deepening relationships and being outside as much as possible.

I have a BFA from Xavier University and an MA from City University London where I focused my studies on using art for social change and personal liberation.  I have a certification in Life Coaching from Kain Ramsay and the School of Modern Applied Psychology and I am also a Certified Life Purpose Coach through Transformation Services, Inc. Additionally, I received coaching training from Fusion Academy where I led and coached a team of 15+ teachers to be rock stars in the classroom and change the lives of young people.


“Karen Light is as imaginative as she is practical in her guidance. In more than a decade of teaching, Karen is the gentle force who has most inspired and encouraged me to truly meet students where they are, which has resulted in richer connection and meaning in my classroom. She has a singular ability to observe and synthesize others’ skill-sets, needs, and aspirations—and she does it efficiently!—ultimately leading them to a place of empowerment. “ –Sara W., Writer and Teacher

“Karen has been my light in such an unusual time for me. She has taught me the importance of “letting my hair down” and has helped me open up & remember the importance of my creative side. She’s so enjoyable to talk to and I look forward to every session. She has definitely been a lifesaver in this time in my life!“ -Austin B., Life Coach

“Karen! You’re a natural coach and guiding spirit.  It’s not just that Karen helped me in innumerable ways, but she’s coached in such a meaningful and significant way. Thank you, Karen, for your guidance, patience, positivity, and extremely hard work you do, so much of which is understated and behind the scenes. You are seriously appreciated and you are an excellent human being.”  – Russell J., Poet and Teacher