My coaching is for people who want to suck the marrow out of life. My mission is for everyone I work with to unleash their inner rockstar.

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Rockstars are living their dreams. Rockstars create the lives of their dreams with unending zest. Rockstars know when it’s time to take a risk and jump. Rockstars have tapped in and manifested the magic of life.

I provide a space of empowerment utilizing the Law of Attraction. I guide clients in developing a creative practice that brings joy into the process, gently releases limiting beliefs and opens their senses to new pathways towards their juiciest goals.

Creativity is key. It is something we all have, but often do not give the attention it deserves. Creativity is a direct channel to inner wisdom, to a deeper connection with others and to fabulous, meaningful work in the world.


Badasses change their worlds and, therefore, the world around them. The world needs more people who are courageous enough to be their badass selves.

                                                                                      Let’s change the world.

I bring 20 years of being a Professional Artist and 19 years of being an Art Teacher to my Creative Life Coaching. I have discovered that the more true I am to my creativity and its expression, the more I am led by my passions and the more I attract things into my life that feed my spirit, mind and bank account. My juicy life includes getting paid to draw and color, witnessing the amazing transformation of those I coach and teach, dancing as often as possible, practicing authentic spirituality, cultivating ever-deepening relationships and being outside as much as possible.

And for those of you who need further qualifications, I have a BFA from Xavier University, an MA from City University London, and a certification in Life Coaching from Kain Ramsay and the School of Modern Applied Psychology. I also received coaching training from a school I worked at and was promoted to coach a team of 15+ teachers to help them be badasses in the classroom and change the lives of young people.


“Karen Light is as imaginative as she is practical in her guidance. In more than a decade of teaching, Karen is the gentle force who has most inspired and encouraged me to truly meet students where they are, which has resulted in richer connection and meaning in my classroom. She has a singular ability to observe and synthesize others’ skill-sets, needs, and aspirations—and she does it efficiently!—ultimately leading them to a place of empowerment. “ –Sara W., Writer and Teacher

“Karen! You’re a natural coach and guiding spirit.  It’s not just that Karen helped me in innumerable ways, but she’s coached in such a meaningful and significant way. Thank you, Karen, for your guidance, patience, positivity, and extremely hard work you do, so much of which is understated and behind the scenes. You are seriously appreciated and you are an excellent human being.”  – Russell J., Poet and Teacher