I am an illustrator specializing in color-saturated images that get to the heart of the message. I create with a variety of materials, digital and hand-drawn, in order to get the look you want. I illustrate book projects, murals, blogs, logos and marketing materials.

I work with people who have a story that needs to be told through the power of imagery. This includes authors, bloggers, publishing companies, marketing companies or fellow entrepreneurs looking for a unique way to market their services.

Talk to me about your vision and let’s create some magic together!

Below are some of my illustration projects.  Click on the images and links to learn more.

The Story of Us is a customized illustrated book of the story that YOU write about an important relationship in your life.  Learn more here.

Story of Flight  Written by Jacqueline Camacho Ruiz and illustrated by Karen Light. The story chronicles how humans have forged the path into the frontier of the sky!  This project is underway and coming soon to a bookshelf near you.

Pepe and Pako: Cross Country Adventure Written by Karen Vasquez O’Donnell and Illustrated by Karen Light. Follow these twin boys as they explore the expanse of the United States. Coming soon!


Digital Doodles and Illustrations created for various projects.

Azure House: The People  Written by Lisa Becker and Illustrated by Karen Light.  Meet the quirky characters of the Azure House who each have an interesting story to tell through verse. Buy now!


Inner Strength, Outer Success: Financial Empowerment for Women  Written by Beth Burns and Illustrated by Karen Light.  Are you finances controlling you or are you in control of your finances?  Buy now!

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La Isla Secreta del Abuelo Sebastian Written by Jacqueline Camacho-Ruiz and Illustrated by Karen Light.  Coming soon to Amazon!

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Diego’s New America Written by Evelyn Toledo-Sanchez and Illustrated by Karen Light.  Diego is a curious boy who learns all about his rich cultural heritage.  Buy now.


HHS Mural

Barbara LaSalle’s Wondrous Journey This illustration project was created as a mural in a high school library and features imagery from 15 pieces of literature.


You Are Good Kid

Jitterbugs!  Written by Margot Toppen and Illustrated by Karen Light. The story is based off the real life swing dancers in the 30’s and chronicles how one bug gets the courage to follow his feet. Buy now.


Magic Dance

The Wings of the Heart Written by Kevin Red Bear Dubrow and Illustrated by Karen Light.  A boy loses his heart wings and goes on a journey as a man to find them once again. Buy now.


25 vs 1

Lessons Between the Lessons are quick illustrations inspired by teaching at a Southside Chicago school.


Dating Through the Ages

Celibate in the Suburbs An Ongoing Collaborative Project between Kerri Robin and Karen Light.