A Choice…The Sequel.. Sort Of

After creating a doodle reflecting on how much I choose struggle over a belief in abundance, I wanted to actually make a doodle of her donning the wings to help me visualize making that choice more often.

I thought it would be more of an obvious sequel, same colors, same woman, flying up into the sky I had previously doodled.  Art wanted to take me somewhere a little bit different, though.  The woman changed, her colors, her hair, her outfit… which only makes sense.  It’s a different version of me that chooses abundance over struggle.  It’s also a higher flight than originally imagined.  She doesn’t just have to fly into the sky, she has to leave the planet of struggle mind-loops and rat races…

This got me thinking about another limiting belief that I and so many get trapped by: Life is about figuring out exactly where where I am going and my success is measured by how close I get to that end goal.

Whenever I do this in art-making, though, the making part is NOT joyful. It is stressful and feels forced and I get frustrated.  However, when I have a vision for a piece that inspires me to start and then listen when it wants to take me somewhere else, I get butterflies of excitement.  I really do.  I love the experience of making and I can’t wait to be a part of the magic unfolding. I can’t wait to see what is revealed.

I’m learning to apply this to life in general.  So, it’s time to articulate it as an expanding belief: Life is about acting from inspiration towards a vision and my success is measured by the joy I feel in the process and the surprises I experience along the way.