A Choice

I was having tea with a new acquaintance.  We were discussing business and my vision for growth.  After talking for a bit, he pointed out how often I used the word struggle.  Ah!  He was so right!  There is was.  A massive limiting belief that I am struggling or that business has to be to a struggle.

As I created this doodle, I pondered the question, “Just how many parts of my life do I view through the lens of struggle?” It was illuminating to see how often I chose this belief when right behind me are the wings of an expanding belief that would empower me to soar above the struggle.

As I reflect on the expanding belief that things come easily to me, I see evidence in the beautiful people that always seem to walk into my life in the right moment, the images and colors that seem to dance from my fingers, the work that keeps coming…

I’m now going to visualize that the woman in the image is putting down that boulder of struggle, turning around and trying on a new pair of wings.