Embracing Emptiness

I have had a lifetime addiction to busy-ness.  If time is freed up, I immediately fill it.  If someone leaves my life, I get others in as quickly as possible.  My limited belief here is that my value is equated with how many things I do and how many people I can do things for.

Well, recently, I quit.

I freed up time and space and energy and it is astonishing to watch how parts of me are trying to convince other parts of me to go DO something already!  They are very convincing.  They want me to do great things.  They like a lot of great people.  It all sounds amazing.  I almost caved a few times in big ways and I have caved in some smaller ways…

I have to stay vigilant because what I am discovering is that emptiness in life is as beautiful and beckoning as a blank canvas.  It’s a space for creation.  A space for wonderment as things you never imagined show up.  This soul-full experience is crazy satisfying in a way that a calendar-filled life just never could be.

And so I find myself with a new expanding belief: Emptiness is a necessary part of wholeness.  Don’t you just love paradoxes?!