Karen Light transforms visions to visuals through illustrations for independent self-publishing authors and the clients of hybrid publishing companies.  Her mission is to help create a more human world through the magic of storytelling.

Sharing our stories is a deeply personal experience and I know how passionate you are about your work.  I know the time, energy and resources you have put into the message you want to share with the world.

Therefore, I believe in nurturing collaborative, co-creative relationships with my clients.  Your passion becomes my passion. You lead the way with your words and ideas while I follow attentively, lending our own creative voice. Together, we make your dream a reality.

Talk to me about your vision and let’s create some magic together!

Below are some of my illustration projects.  Click on the images to learn more.














pg 11_small

  HHS Mural


Magic Dance

25 vs 1









 Dating Through the Ages