The other day I watched one of my amazing clients go into full-fledged Warriorhood.  It was a sight to behold.  She reached a point of no return.  She could no longer accept what she had been accepting.  Her true self shone bright as she decided that she deserved more and that, from here on out, she would hold the line and fight for it if necessary.

I was so inspired.  Warrior energy is incredibly powerful and empowering.  Sometimes we need it to make strong boundaries for ourselves against people or environments.  But even more so, we need it to make strong boundaries against negative thought patterns – the fears and insecurities that we often allow to run our lives.  The fears and insecurities that lead to us those people who treat us badly or those situations that are toxic to our wellbeing.

A MAJOR limiting belief here is that the past determines the present and future.   But, with warrior energy, we can say no more.  We can hold an expanding belief that we are the empowered creators of our present and future.

My Warrior is saying no more to struggle and “just enough.”  She stands for abundance, ease, joy and trust.  My Warrior is a vigilant protector of my thoughts as well as the rituals and practices that cultivate a positive mindset.  My Warrior also looks out for the tribe, encouraging them to find the lines that they need to draw for their highest purpose.  My Warrior does not work with those who create negative experiences, but leads with heart and creativity and collaborates with others who do the same.  My Warrior does not let me work myself into exhaustion or from a bunch of “shoulds.”  She demands that I move from a place of inspired action.

What do you need to draw a line against?  To what will you say, “No more!”?